Roll 84

Camera: Hasselblad 500 C/M

Film: T Max 100

Date Developed: 31.12.11

Development: T Max developer, 7 and a half minutes @ 24 degrees (including one additional minute for compensation for developer exhaustion), stop bath 30 secs, fixed 8 mins.  Ilford protocol for spiral tanks used for washing, with additional sets of 20 inversions until pink dye was no longer visible in discarded water.

Notes:  I’ve had such a lot of trouble with marks on the film from the developer – a layer of froth and bubble forming on top of the developer and making marks along the top edge of the film. I have gradually increased the amount of solution in the tank to avoid this (although I find that more liquid tends to leak more during agitation) and have also spent a lot of time  banging the tank on the table top to disperse the bubbles and to make sure that the reel has not moved up the centre post.  I now think I have it all down to a fine art, although the earlier days of (really) firm banging of the tank seem to have resulted in a crack in the bottom of the tank – so that’s frustrating.  Online shopping to the rescue!

Again, some images taken using proxar close up filters.

I am watching a set of youtube documentaries about Sally Mann while I’m doing this – she’s an amazingly interesting artist and lady.

tiny dish





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  1. These are beautiful Sue!

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