Roll 58

Camera: Holga 120N

Film: T Max 100

Date Developed: 15.01.11

Development: T Max developer, 6 minutes @ 24 degrees (fresh mix), stop bath 30 secs, fixed 8 mins.  Ilford protocol for spiral tanks used for washing, with additional sets of 20 inversions until pink dye was no longer visible in discarded water.

Notes:  I enjoyed having this little task to keep me going throughout 2010 so I’ve decided to stick with it for 2011.

I went walking in NZ in the holidays.  I took pinhole with me on the Milford Track and swapped cameras and took Holga on the Routeburn track.  Great weather on the Routeburn, nice and sunny so it suited Holga well.  The first few are from higher up the west coast of NZ.  There is another holga roll from NZ to come.


~ by suehimages on January 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Roll 58”

  1. Great shots! Really informative to see the developing notes too!

    Keep up the good work,
    Rick @ HolgaDirect

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