Roll 52

Camera: Holga 120N

Film: T Max 100

Date Developed: 27.11.10

Development: T Max developer, 6 minutes 30 seconds  @ 24 degrees, stop bath 30 secs, fixed 8 mins.  Ilford protocol for spiral tanks used for washing, with additional sets of 20 inversions until pink dye was no longer visible in discarded water.

Notes:  Once again doing some last minute rushing to fit in a bit of photography before November comes to an end.  This film has some very ordinary pictures on it.  It also has a set of portraits of my niece which are absolutely my favourite pictures I’ve taken with this camera.  Unfortunately those won’t be posted on here so just a couple of the dodgier ones to go with these notes.   I don’t mind the first one here (the big cloud), so I don’t include it in the ‘dodgy’ statement : ).


~ by suehimages on November 27, 2010.

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