Roll 35

Camera: Holga 120N

Film: Tri-X 400

Date Developed: 09.07.10

Development: T Max developer, 7 mins  (extra time included to compensate for developer exhaustion) @ 22 degrees, fixed 8 mins.  Ilford protocol for spiral tanks used for washing, with additional sets of 20 inversions until pink dye was no longer visible in discarded water.

Notes:  This was the first roll after I had glued in my new foam.  It seemed to work quite well…     Slight toning applied to images 1 and 2.


~ by suehimages on July 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Roll 35”

  1. Interesting shots Sue. I always like to see the analogue photographs. They seem to capture something extra compared to digital shots.

  2. Hi, Great shots from your Holga there! We are currently progressing with the construction of the HolgaDirect website and are hoping to get it live within the next month. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive resource and shop for Holga related photography and cameras. For now you can follow our progress on the website on Twitter (

    Rgds, Rick (from

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