Roll 26

Camera: Mamiya C330

Film: T Max 100

Date Developed: 07.06.10

Development: T Max developer, 7 and a half minutes @ 21 degrees, fixed 9 mins

Notes: Much better luck loading my film onto the spool today – first try, no fiddling around.  If only it were that easy every time!  Just some still life type of shots on this film.  I have a little project in mind and I’m working out the setup that I think I’d like to use – yes Susannah, that would be your little treasures I’m talking about   : )


~ by suehimages on June 7, 2010.

10 Responses to “Roll 26”

  1. Love the notebooks and chopping board…just lovely 🙂 so pleased my little treasures will be treated to your magical skills… 🙂

  2. great magic real things)!

  3. Sorry, can I ask a question?
    – what light you use (daylight?) and how surface-sample stage? or studios?
    …I like this white space ))

  4. thanks for the reply,
    looks great!)

    thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Sue, Beautiful work! It’s been a few years since I’ve ventured into the darkroom and am starting to miss it even more now that I’ve seen your work.

    I was sent a link to your blog from a friend and was told that they thought you might be in the Ipswich region. I am opening a small gallery in Ipswich in July, the SWICH Contemporary Art Space, and am keen to contact you in relation to hanging some of your work if you are interested.

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