Roll 22

Camera: Mamiya C330

Film: Tri X 400

Date Developed: 27.04.10

Development: T Max developer, 6m @ 20 degrees, fixed 5 mins

Notes: Had to make myself put a film through and develop it today so that I don’t break my new year’s resolution – only four days left to get a film done for April.  Haven’t had a lot of time for photos lately so it was nice to make some pictures.  Accidentally rated most of the film at 100 instead of 400.  I’m no expert at pushing or pulling so I just gave it a bit less time in the developer – based on whatever I felt like, not on any specific formulas or calculations of any kind .  They turned out OK.


~ by suehimages on April 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Roll 22”

  1. I found your site via the flickr/utata site directory. I develop my own b&w and I love the concept of developing a roll a month and blogging about it.

    I like the textures in this series.

    • Thanks Debra! Normally I shoot a lot but I have gotten a bit consumed by other busy life things. It’s nice to have a little goal that makes me get some pictures done even when I feel like there’s not time – it makes me make time 🙂

  2. Gotta love those urchins stacked on top of one another…I love your compositions. Always superb 🙂

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