Roll 18

Camera: Mamiya C330

Film: T Max 100

Date Developed: 16.03.10

Development: T Max developer, 7m 30s @ 24 degrees, fixed 8 mins

Notes: I didn’t really like the T Max 100 all that much last time I used it for this sort of thing, but I quite like how these turned out – so I may use it again someday in something other than the pinhole camera.  I worked hard to try and avoid bubbles resting on the film during development as I think that was the cause of  some weird marks on my pictures.  I did lots of banging the tank on the table during processing and I used 600 ml chemicals instead of 500 ml to try and lift the level of the developer inside the tank.  I can see a definite improvement on this roll of film – (especially considering all the light images, as that’s where I was seeing it the most).  I’ve also put a roll of colour film through which I will send away for processing just to confirm that it’s me and not the camera.  Now, if I could just have a dust free house on the days I’m drying film and scanning it…


~ by suehimages on March 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Roll 18”

  1. thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.
    posted a little piece about you on our blog

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