Roll 10

Camera: Mamiya C330

Film: Tri-X 400

Date Developed: 06.02.10

Development: T Max developer, 5m 30s @ 23 degrees, fixed 4 mins

Notes: I replaced the light seals on the Mamiya during the week – this is the second film through.  I think the seals have made a significant difference.  I was really happy with all the exposures on this film (the last film they were all a tiny little bit light), although there is what I believe to be some fungus on/inside the taking lens and it is showing up down the side of some photos – well, that’s my current best guess as to what’s causing the weird marks.  Today I learned that cooler weather makes it significantly easier to load the film onto the spools for the developing tank.  I also learned that I’m not very good at adjusting for parallax error, even though this camera has a big line in the viewfinder that is supposed to help me.


~ by suehimages on February 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Roll 10”

  1. I am loving this roll….and of course, I completely understood all the techno bits 🙂
    My fav is a toss up between the first and third one (hope you are making a note of that for next years calendar….hee, hee,hee!)
    Has anyone ever told you, you could sell your work…??? xxx

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